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each side, in order that they might see better than the ordinary craft. Flags floated from the masts of all the junks, and in



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urns in the breeze in a manner quite unknown to a banner

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  • rest of the voyage
  • to Tien-tsi
  • n was accompli
  • shed far more easi
ly than



hung after the ways of Europe and America. [Pg 355]

  • the capture
  • of the forts."
  • As the steamer
  • moved on ag
  • ainst the mudd
  • y current, and tur
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TEMPLE OF THE SEA-GOD AT TAKU. TEMPLE OF THE SEA-GOD AT TAKU. The river from Taku to Tien-tsin was crowded with junks and smal

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l boats, and it was easy to see that the empire of China has a large commerce on all its water-ways. The Grand Canal begins at Tien-tsin, and the city stands on an

ked channel

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angle formed by the canal and the Pei-ho River. It is not far from a mile square, and has a wall surrounding it. Each of the four walls has a gate in the centre, an

of the Pei-h

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d a wide street leads from this gate to the middle of the city, where there is a pagoda. The streets are wider than in most of the Chinese cities, and there is less

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danger of being knocked down by the pole of a sedan-chair, or of a coolie bearing a load of merchandise. In spite of its great commercial activity, the city does n

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ot appear very prosperous. Beggars are numerous, and wherever our friends went they were constantly importuned by men and women, who appeared to be in the severest

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want. A CHINESE BEGGAR. A CHINESE BEGGAR. The usual way of going to Pekin is by the road from Tien-tsin, while the return journey is by boat along the river. Th

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